Our Sales and Enrollment Technology Solutions Provide a User-Friendly
Shopping and Enrollment Experience.

A customizable enrollment platform


GoHealth Private Label Marketplace can be used by agents and consumers to quickly produce on- and off-exchange quotes for comparing and enrolling in health plans.

During the shopping experience, an eligible consumer’s tax subsidy is calculated and applied to the plans presented on the shopping page. The platform integrates directly with the FFM to submit applications for subsidy-eligible consumers.

Optional customizations include:

  • Private label customization
  • Direct Web access for consumers
  • CRM with single sign-on access for agents
  • Consumer API
  • Tailored state footprint
  • Off-exchange applications and delivery






A tool to make
health care decisions easy


GoHealth Decision Support helps lead consumers to the best plan choice by asking just a few simple questions. Depending on plan selection, GoHealth Decision Support projects health care spend estimates, enabling consumers to make informed health insurance decisions.

Filtering opportunities include:

  • Reverse provider look up
  • Low premium vs. low out-of-pocket
  • Frequency of doctor visits
  • Ongoing prescription drugs
  • Additional benefits coverage desired

A private label, health plan premium payment portal


GoHealth Payment Capture allows payments for on- and off-exchange applications to be captured on any site. Clients using GoHealth Payment Capture for on-exchange applications saw approximately 60 percent of plan applicants complete payment at time of application submission.

Standard features include:

  • A “Pay Now” button to launch the payment portal
  • Facilitates credit card and ACH payments
  • Easily collects and transmits consumer information to carrier’s third-party administrator
  • Convenient and secure process for consumer and carrier





A hassle-free connection to the FFM


GoHealth Marketplace Accelerator connects a carrier’s shopping platform to the FFM. Consumers and agents shop entirely on the carrier portal, avoiding exposure to competing plans on the FFM. Once plan selection has been completed on the carrier portal, consumer data is passed between GoHealth Marketplace Accelerator and the FFM to complete enrollment.

Standard features include:

  • Private label customization
  • Single sign-on connectivity for agents
  • Consumer API

A CRM tool created to support health insurance sales


GoHealth BrokerOffice is a CRM tool specifically designed to support the unique demands of health insurance sales. The advanced technology of GoHealth BrokerOffice offers agents single sign-on connectivity to the Marketplace, and consumer enrollment information updates automatically in the system for easy access.

Agents who use GoHealth BrokerOffice can manage leads, create proposals, and generate quotes – all within one CRM system.

Standard features include:

  • On-exchange, off-exchange, and ancillary policy quoting
  • Single-carrier quoting capabilities for in-house and external affiliated agents
  • Seamlessly integrated with shopping experience with no disruptions to agents or consumers





Quick and accurate subsidy estimates


After gathering just a few pieces of basic information, GoHealth Subsidy Estimator can quickly and efficiently estimate an individual or family’s tax subsidy eligibility.

Standard features include:

  • Same formula used by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
  • Estimated tax subsidy applied directly to premiums in real-time shopping experience
  • Seamlessly integrated with shopping experience with no disruptions to agents or consumers