Our Uniquely Tailored Programs
Leverage Our Licensed Agent Services
to Help Your Members Utilize Their
Health Plan Benefits.


Working to retain your

We know you value each and every member. Through customized outreach and enrollment follow up, our licensed agents work to ensure your members remain loyal for years to come.


Personalized outreach to increase
plan transparency and usability


GoHealth’s concierge services utilize licensed agents to help members navigate their health plans. From welcome calls to
periodic check-ins, our licensed agents build relationships to provide an enhanced member experience.

Welcome calls
Carrier portal registration
PCP selection
Tax subsidy eligibility validation
Health assessments
Periodic check-ins

Consistent follow up to encourage
member payment


GoHealth’s payment capture services help increase the initial and ongoing payment rate. By combining payment follow ups with
other value-added concierge services on each call, our licensed agents drive increased answer rates.

White-labeled payment capture portal
Credit card and ACH payments
Call/text/email payment reminders
Streamlined communications

Maximization of revenue streams


Our licensed agents help you capitalize on additional revenue streams and provide added value to members by offering a
full spectrum of health and life products.

Cross-sell existing and new members
Your ancillary products or non-competing products

During Open Enrollment, over 40%
of GoHealth customers added a dental product
to their major medical plan.